The week: 29.7.13


On Monday I had the best day in one of my favourite places - Westfield, White City.  We love it there and this time was no exception.  Something about the place just makes us throw caution to the wind and treat ourselves; we ended up in Kate Spade New York where I bought two bangles to stack up with the one I was given at the end of term.  Seriously, new favourite shop.  Next on my wishlist is a rose gold bangle they had and a purse.

Tuesday I treated myself to a pair of cosy leggings to wear around the house (living the dream!) and tried on the Topshop Arabels.  It well and truly got wanting a pair of borderline-ugly, chunky boots out of my system.  They looked hideous on me!  In the evening I went for dinner with some school friends to the place one of them works.  The food was delicious, and thanks to mates rates and a 2 for 1 offer, I got a 3 course meal for just over a fiver!

By Wednesday I finished the redesign for my blog which I've been debating for a while now.  I'm in love with the way things look!  I also made my way back to the gym for the first time in 3 weeks and was pleasantly surprised with how well I did!

On Thursday, I melted.  The sun came back so I took advantage and filmed the I Heart Summer Tag for YouTube.  I also went with my sister to get my ear pierced....I expected the worst and actually, it didn't hurt at all!  She felt slightly worse for wear though, so a cheeky purchase to perk us up seemed appropriate.  I changed my mind about the borderline-ugly, chunky boots when I found some dreamy ones in Topshop.  They were a pair I'd spotted online, and in person they were just as lovely.  I'll be showing them in a video soon, but they're ever so slightly narrower than the Arabels were which helps them to look just a bit more feminine.

Friday I went shopping with mum, primarily to return something, but I ended up treating myself (again...) to a new scarf.  Remember my scarf obsession?  It's not as bad as it used to be, but that could be down to Primark's offerings not being as good.  Anyway, it's been a while since I bought a new scarf and I can see myself wearing this one all through autumn.

Yesterday, after uploading a new video (The I ♥ Summer Tag), we spent the day traipsing around pet shops to find Ed a new fish.  He went for a really cute cowfish who I named Bingo, but sadly he died last night.  Turns out we have a particularly nasty species of fireworm in the tank which paralyses fish.  Very sad....I liked Bingo!

And then today I've been sat on the sofa in my onesie feeling rather chuffed about the influx of subscribers that have chosen to join me on my YouTube channel today.  I've been really enjoying making videos with Dudley; I think he provides added entertainment, and watch out for his bloopers at the end of a video I'm uploading next week!  I've also been experimenting with editing, so I really hope you can see an improvement.  If you do have any critique or suggestions, I'd love to hear them :)


  1. Three course meal for a fiver? AMAZING!! I'm also so keen for some chunky boots- I'm justifying them by saying I will need them in the winter for work. That's acceptable, right!? xx

    1. SO good! And the best part is that my friends had steak for this price!!

      Yes, that's totally justifiable. I'm telling myself I'll be able to wear these in autumn. They're cut out-detailed so I'm not sure how practical they'll be in winter. I need to get the bravery to wear them with ankle socks now! x


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