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When I think of the ultimate city break, Paris would be one of my top three.  So when Superbreak got in touch about a blogger competition, asking me to create a holiday outfit and list some travel tips and essentials, it was pretty easy for me to waste a couple of hours indulging my inner Parisienne. And no, I'm not entirely sure that I've used that word correctly!
And now on to my travel tips.  Cast your minds back readers; have I ever mentioned going away anyway on my blog?  Besides the occasional trip to Norwich, the answer is on.  Holidays are something we just don't really do, so for this next bit I'm having to cast my mind back to holidays long ago, as well as throwing in some common sense.
  • Check the weather, and pack for it!
  • Take a versatile scarf; it'll change up an outfit and come in handy if it gets chilly.
  • Don't forget your charger!
  • Pack shoes that you know don't hurt your feet.  There's no point in packing a brand new pair, only to find they give you blisters and that you're in agony trying to walk around.
  • If you're going abroad, pack your passport and all that other important stuff in a small clutch or make up bag within your handbag so you can find it easily.
  • Take a supply of paracetamol and plasters.
  • I'm fussy with water, so a bottle (or two) is a must.
  • If you're driving, make sure you've got plenty of music to make the journey more fun, as well as lots of snacks!
  • Pack realistically.  If you're only going for a couple of days, do you really need 4 pairs of shoes?
  • Roll your clothes up in your suitcase.  You'll fit more in and they'll be crease-free at the other end.
  • Random one here, but don't pack glass paints in your suitcase if you're flying anywhere!  I did this when I was about 13 and they exploded mid-flight and ruined most of the things I'd packed.
I'm hoping to make a trip to Paris with a friend in a couple of months, so do you have any more tips and tricks for and unseasoned traveller like me?

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  1. You totally used it correctly : ) Oooooh if you pop over in a few months, hopefully you'll be able to get some ideas of where to go from my blog! If you want any tips for cocktails/clubs/bakeries/bars/restaurants etc. don't hesitate to be in touch with me xx

  2. I love all your choices so much! xx

  3. eep! I love the red lipstick and the bag! So effortlessly chic!

  4. Love the T-shirt. I really want to do a city break in Paris!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  5. I've just moved to Paris and the 'Excuse my french' tee has definitely caught my eye! Do you think the French would get it? Haha!
    Such a cute post :)
    Keep in touch!
    www.lanouvellenoire.com xxx

  6. That coat is so perfect! I love city breaks, and I love dressing the part for them too!

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  7. I love those cut out shoes! New Look seems to be doing really well with their new season stock- there's loads I want!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  8. Oh trips to Paris are some of my favourites to do. I'm a bit of a crazy holiday planner! xx

  9. Love this! And I really love Paris too. When I was with my now-ex, I used to have to fly every time I wanted to see him, and quickly fell into the putting-the-essentials-in-a-clutch habit- makes life SO much easier in the airport! Absolutely love this outfit though, having to work very hard to not buy it all... xx

    PS- Yes, you used Parisienne correctly! (I think...)


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