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Up until the other weekend I'd never heard of a skylight.  My friend's mum was showing everyone her's upstairs and I had no idea what it was.  Then I went and saw it in her swanky bathroom and fell in love.  Welcome to my little skylight inspiration post!

I've gone a little library crazy with my inspiration, but I love the idea of a room filled with books and light.  Floor to ceiling books with a light and airy room sounds like heaven to me. And that second photo.....those are stairs filled with books, built up so that you can sit underneath the skylight at the top.  How perfect?!

Besides a library with a skylight, a bedroom with one set above the bed is right up my street too.  I'm not sure if it'd be a bit weird sleeping with a window literally above me, but on the other hand the thought of being able to lie in bed and gaze up at the stars is amazing.  Whilst trawling through for inspiration, I stumbled across the very important suggestion of blackout blinds (something I'd never have thought of on my own.  Practicality isn't my strong point!)  And a company which came up a fair few times during a general search for skylights on pinterest was VELUX®....who handily do blackout blinds as well!  I was pleasantly surprised by the range of blackout blinds that VELUX® sell.  I expected them to be plain black, and not aesthetically pleasing, but on the VELUX® website there is a whole designer line to blend in with a range of interiors.  And as well as selling blinds and accessories, VELUX® has pages of inspiration to help plan your dream room too.  Balcony system anybody?  Would stick out like a sore thumb down out road, but I can imagine this fitting right in in London.
In all honesty, after lusting after skylights online today I think I'd go for one in every room if I could!  One day I'll live in a house with a loft conversion, sky light, and row upon row of books.  Ooh with a ladder to reach them all!  Better start saving now...

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  1. I really really want a house with a skylight and loads of books. Just like these ones. xo

  2. Oh I love skylights! There's nowhere in my flat right now that I could have one, but it would be lovely one day! xx

  3. I had a skylight in my room. Loved it. I'm much more if a 'Light' person than a 'Dark'. I love a good sunny day and there is nothing better than waking up and having that beautiful sun shining down on you. Whilst at night, yes you can gaze at the stars. Even the rain is great! It's taps away above you and you feel all snug and safe in your bed

  4. Oh, now you've made me really miss my skylight! Haha.


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