Something I've loved this week: 9.9.13


This year I've been trying to remember to live by the mantra of "do something you love every day"...which means finding something I've loved each week should be a doddle, right?
The thing I've loved this week has been all of today!  I met up with Tamsin, Steph and Rosie for a Frankie & Benny's pancake breakfast, followed by a spot of Primark and Boots shopping before ending up in the cutest upcycled, vintage furniture store where Rosie and I couldn't resist buying these crates.

Today gets better though, as I now plan to take a nice long shower, try out one of those L'Oreal pastel toners (fingers crossed it works on my hair!) and then get my eyelash extensions done.  A pretty perfect Sunday!


  1. Oh god, pancakes sound amazing right now! (I'm having a "nothing-will-fill-me-up" day). Good luck with the pastel toner! Sounds fun :)

    Sam xx

  2. This. Sounds. Perfect! A great way to spend a Sunday indeed, jealous you got to see my pal Steph too! :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. This sounds so lovely! I need to keep my eyes open for crates like that, they're lovely! xx

  4. I am so glad you didn't put a photo of the pancakes on, they sound too good!
    Great find with the crates!
    I look forward to hearing how your hair turns out. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  5. I thought you were wearing the crates like hula hoops! Latest accessory? It'll definitely be on all the catwalks at these fashion weeks.. :P xx

  6. Definitely sounds like a great Sunday! I'm curious though, what have you put in the crates? They look huge!x


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