Autumn Updates with The Oracle - Look 2


Blazer: River Island // Vest top: Mango at The Oracle // Jeans: River Island // Shoes, belt and necklace: H&M
Good Lord, I really don't know how to arrange my face when it comes to taking photos!  Still, perhaps you could forgive me and it can become my niche...?

Look #2 of my Autumn Updates with The Oracle comes in the form of this casual outfit.  The grey vest from Mango is so soft and sits perfectly.  A real bargain for £9.99!  I also love the leather belt; for a long time I've been looking for the perfect plain(ish) belt, and this H&M one fits the bill wonderfully.  I just need another hole punched in it ASAP.

Oh, and let's not forget the necklace.  I've been after an eagle one for a while now, but so many of them have extra dangly bits.  When I saw this one, I couldn't get to the till quick enough!


  1. Cute outfit! I love your shoes!

    Emma x

  2. Looking gorgeous, what a nice necklace x


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