Autumn Updates with The Oracle - Look 3


Top: Mango at The Oracle // Leather-effect leggings & bag: H&M at The Oracle // Necklace & boots: New Look at The Oracle
I don't think I can express from behind a keyboard my love for these boots.  They're a slightly different take on the chunky autumn boots that we're seeing in shops at the moment, and they tick the box for the embellished heel trend which I'm led to believe will be happening soon.

In fact, I've been wanting some heel harnesses (is that what they're called?) for a while now, so finding these in New Look for less than £30 made my day.

This look puts a lot of the items I bought in The Oracle all together as one, and creates a more "rock chick" vibe.  I think I hate that term, but sometimes it's necessary!  Besides the boots, I also love the bag; it's so different to any others I have and isn't something I'd normally go for, even though I love the way fringed bags look.

What's been your favourite look so far?

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  1. Those boots are STUNNING - I need these in my life! xo


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