Caught my eye: Comme Des Garcons accessories


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Comme Des Garcons were a brand that I sort of knew about, but never really knew where to check them out.

Enter  I first found out about this website when I received an invite to an event they're having in conjunction with Vogue's Fashion Night Out up in Manchester this Thursday (10th October).  Sadly, since it's on a school night (and so far away!) I can't make it, but I couldn't resist doing a spot of online window shopping.

Hervia stocks loads of brands, but it was the colours and vibrancy of Comme Des Garcons which really caught my eye.  I really want to get a plain, bright leather clutch bag/wallet....these ones are perfect, and I love the orange and blue.

And those hats are so fun!  Realistically, I'd never be able to wear them outside....and £170 for something gimmicky?  Sadly I have more sense than money.

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  1. Those hats are AMAZING - I need them in my life! xo

  2. Haha 'sadly i have more sense than money'. Wish i could always say the same :/ x


  3. I love the blue one! Though I recently bought myself a new bag so I think I will just have to look and go wanting! Xx


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