How to bring fashion into your home with lighting: seven tips


This week's guest post brings you some more expert interiors advice.  The focus?  Lighting!  We use candles in every room of our house, but this article gave me some new ideas on how to utilise lighting to create a different environment.
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Incorporating style and design into our homes is nothing new.  When we look through the homes of history, we can always pick out and recognise a variety of styles which are specific to the time.

Aesthetics and decoration have a place in the home today, just as they did in the houses of 16th century Britain, but there are, of course, a number of different ways to bring fashion and style into your home.  For some, it is a matter of minimalism and high art; for others it is a simpler matter of eclectic displays.

Here, we look at seven things you can do to bring fashion into your home using lighting.  You can find more ideas about this at FreshHome.

1. Use accent lighting
Accent light is a method which is effective in terms of both style and cost.  If you're struggling to transform an entire space, it might instead be a good idea to focus your efforts into one particular area and then highlight it with lighting. 
Adjustable lights can be great for accent lighting, directing the attention of visitors towards a certain corner or area within your rooms.  Needless to say, using this technique with multiple lights in a single room can be even more effective.

2. Be original
Just as when you're selecting an outfit, the last thing you want when people see your home is for it to appear generic and unoriginal.  When it comes to being original at home, the accessories and fixtures you choose say it all.
Look for original light fittings and you can easily and cheaply transform your home into a stylish, fashionable and original space.

3. Make complementary choices
Once again, it is worth thinking about other areas of fashion and design in order to inform your decisions.  One of the most important factors relating to stylish clothing choices is the extent to which items complement one another.
Ideas like this can easily be transposed to home accessories such as lighting so choose each light fitting with others in mind, allowing the decisions you make to complement one another as you walk through the house.  Whether you go for something bold or plain, you'll find plenty to match it with.

 4. Spread your style
When it comes to design, it is rarely the case that you should opt for a single, knock-out piece.  Thus, with lighting it can be a good idea to spread your ideas around.  Typically rooms will make use of one central light source with perhaps just one or two others elsewhere in the room.
Consider ridding the room of a central piece and instead opt for multiple smaller pieces dotted around the room.  Spotlights and downlights work well for this look.  The BBC Home website recommends making a lighting plan to decide where you want to place different light fixtures.

5. Don't overdo it
It can be tempting to get carried away when fitting lights at home.  However, it is often the case that less is more.  While side lights should generally be chosen over single, central lights, anymore than a handful within one room can be overwhelming.
If adding decorative lights, remember to match them for the room.  Delicate strands and fairy lights are good for communal areas where you want to exude relaxation while something with a heavily printed design or distinctive, character-based shape are perfect for injecting fun into kids' bedrooms.

6. Colour is important
Fashion is not all about shape and material.  It's also about colour and how it can affect those things.  Similarly, the colour of the lighting in your home can be used to create moods and to highlight certain things within a room.
For a subtle move you can choose light fittings which are made from coloured materials.  These might match or simply complement the others in the room.  If you're looking for something a little bolder then you could change the colour of the light itself.
In this case, it might be a good idea to have a number of colours to hand, allowing you to change the mood as you see fit.

7. Be bold!
Finally, don't be afraid to make bold decisions.  Fashion is about taking risks in order to bring about change and this is just as important within the home as it is on the catwalk.  Look for unique, statement pieces or bold colour and do what you can to put your stamp on your home.

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  1. Great post! I love bedroom lighting! I really want to add some more 'mood' lighting to my bedroom! I like watching TV etc with just a little lighting on!


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