Interior details: Autumn candle holder


Image found via pinterest
I love the idea of having a seasonal display in my home.  We do the obvious Christmas decorations, but I've seen houses online where people do autumn displays, easter etc.  This candle holder would be the perfect way to inject a little bit of autumn into the house without spending a fortune!

Have you seen any other autumn crafts knocking about online?


  1. I like this idea but everytime I try to make something crafty I see on Pinterest it ends up as a glob of failure... must try harder....!

  2. Such a good little idea. Looks so cosy too.
    I think I could go crazy on pinterest with the crafts! Already seen so many christmas ideas i'd like to do

    Taz and Bear

  3. Americans go in for it big time. I follow a blog called peanutbutterfingers and she has loads of pumpkin themed stuff for her house!


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