L'Oreal Skin Perfection BB Cream


Let's just get one thing out the way....I was completely, and utterly, sucked in by the packaging with this product.

I got this BB cream pretty soon after it launched, and I really want to love it.  In fact, I enjoy wearing it, it gives good (I'd say medium) coverage and you get 50ml of product for around the same price you'd pay for a 30ml foundation.

So why don't I love it?  It's such a faff to put on!  It leaves my skin looking great at first, but as I apply my eye make up and my hand brushes against my face it seems to just peel away.  A lot like when you've got glue on your hand and can just rub/roll it off.  I don't get it.  At first I thought it was the Cell Food I've been using, but I've tried with or without it and the results are the same.  It rubs off the back of my hand as well, so it's not the moisturiser I use either.

At first I persevered with this and just went back over my face with my buffing brush once I'd finished my make up, but now it's just plain annoying.  It looks unsightly (like my face is coming apart) and I can't run the risk of forgetting to buff it in again and leaving the house all patchy.

I'm so disappointed.  I really want to like this product, and if it didn't have the strange peeling property I'd definitely repurchase.  Has anybody else experienced the same issue?


  1. What a shame, the packaging really is gorgeous. But no one wants a peeling face!



  2. Such a bummer! I hate it when foundation does that weird rubbing-off thing, it's the worst!

  3. This is really disappointing, I probably would have tried it too, they packaged and advertised it really well :(
    Thanks for this review!

  4. Love the packaging, I would have bought it on that alone so thanks for sharing the reality of the product with us! It's a shame it didn't work out for you but there is another great product out there for you : ) xx


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