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I was recently invited down to the newly revamped M&S beauty hall in Reading to do some writing for the Get Reading website, and while I was there I was offered the chance to have a tour of their autumn fashion.  It's no secret that autumn's my favourite season for clothes (such a cliche), and with the buzz surrounding Marks and Spencer's new Leading Ladies campaign I happily took up the opportunity.

I'd noticed a few changes in the Reading store (as well as my local M&S), so it was interesting to find out a little more.

For example, did you know that Hilary Alexander has joined Per Una and they've now launched an "Ask Hilary" section online for tailor-made fashion tips? 

The brands within M&S now all have clear identities; Per Una is the brighter, pink section, Autograph is the more luxury, monochrome department with pops of mustard, whilst my personal favourite, Limited Edition, features on-trend shades of red, black and tartan.

And did you read about *the* pink coat?  When the shop opened they'd had 15 on display; by the time I was shown around a couple of hours later they were down to 3.  It's good to see Marks and Spencer becoming a little more trend-led and I can really see it being a place that I shop more regularly in for something besides just underwear.

I know this maybe reads a little like a sponsored post, but it really isn't.  M&S just has a soft spot in my heart for being a reliable, safe brand and I'm excited about the changes that are being made.  Here are my top picks for autumn:
- Dress - Jumper - Bag - Top -

What are your thoughts on M&S?

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