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I know, I know....time's change, fashions grow, styles are dropped.  But that doesn't stop me harking back to yesteryear when I started blogging and feeling all sentimental about the way things have progressed.  In fact, when I first began my blogging journey....

- Everybody wanted a Mulberry Alexa -
- I only owned 2 MAC lipsticks -
- Lifestyle blogs were virtually unheard of - 
- Alexander McQueen skull scarves were *the* must-have accessory - 
- The Models Own 50% off sale caused an online stampede - 
- It was all about Chanel Mat, or Pro, Lumiere -
- I didn't show my face -
- H&M mini tube skirts were all the rage -
- Sleek i-divine palettes (Storm in particular) were the way forward -
- Formspring was the rage -
- The only length to wear a necklace was long -

Which long-forgotten blogger fads do you miss?


  1. love this post! I remember the YSL arty ring being a pretty big deal..

  2. Love this post!

    When I started blogging, Gosh Darling lipstick was the MUST HAVE lippy, as was buying Mac Carbon eyeshadow! They were both really popular!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. Really enjoyed this! I remember all those things too! xxx

  4. Haha! I love this! The Models Own sale caused a stampede last summer, too ;)

  5. Haha all of these are so true! I didn't own a single MAC lippie when I started and now I have a box full of them! Have to say I STILL want an Alexa... maybe not everything changes!xx

  6. I love this.. Don't think I have been around enough long enough to know any old fads but these are great xx

  7. I miss the focco, the craze for depotting and that sideways cross necklace: )


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