Something I've loved this week: 14.10.13


This year I've been trying to remember to live by the mantra, "do something you love every day"...which means finding one thing I've loved each week should be a doddle, right?!
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A tedious link here, but my car passed its MOT yesterday and the relief I felt just set me up for the weekend.  I'd worried myself into a state, and need to remember that there really is no point in stressing over things that haven't yet happened.

Does anybody else do this?


  1. I hate when my car is due for an MOT. A fail is always bad news cause it usually ends up costing money!

  2. Is stumbled across this quote the other day and it is definitely one I need in my life. I've had so many car troubles this week and I'll I did was worry, everything is fine now though. I feel like I should send congratulations on behalf of your car x

  3. Haha I am already worrying about my MOT and it's not until December. I seem to be cursed with cars so I just know something will happen. Plus my insurance and tax are all due in December too. Happy Christmas, right?

  4. I am a big worrier & Get stressed easily. I need to calm down!

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