That special relationship....with my hairdresser


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I don't think I could pay anybody enough to put up with me and my hair requests.  Luckily my hairdresser is my big sister, so a) she's used to me by now, and b) she has to put up with me.

My hair cuts are normally punctuated with "not too short....about a centimetre off!", hair-dying is accompanied by "you're not making it too dark are you?!" and let's not forget the amount of times I send her photos of some celebrity's hair which is nothing like my own just to check if she can work her magic.  She's given up on telling me that my hair cut/colour and face are nothing like said person's, and instead just appeases me with "yes, ok".  I appreciate that though, there's no lesson learnt quite like the one you discover on your own.

So thank you, Nichola.  There's no one else in the world I'd trust with my hair, nor do I think anyone else would want that burden.  Let's just forget the time I ended up with one side shorter than the other, yeah?


  1. If only I had a hairdresser this good... Everyone always thinks I have long hair on purpose, when in reality I just don't trust hairdressers not to make me look stupid and my hair grows really fast haha x

  2. My hairdresser is my mother, and it is probably the best thing ever. Trust her with my life, and so she's never given me a shady hair cut, except that one time in grade 2, but I didn't have quite so much say back then ;)


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