9 Little Things: to try and achieve this week


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1. Get back to sharing photos on instagram.
2. Cut down on hot chocolates!
3. Go to 3 classes at the gym.
4. Tick things off my 'To Do' list at work.
5. Leave the house by 8am.
6. Make more time to read blogs during the week.
7. Read a chapter of my book every night before bed.
8. Follow through with plans for my Facebook page.
9. Keep up a skincare regime to combat my dry, winter skin.

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  1. this has definitely reminded me to think of a new skin regime, my skin is definitely getting drier by the day!

  2. Great post! Im determined to get the the gym at least once this week! Haha! Its a nice idea having goals written down on here though, hopefully they will give you the motivation! :)


  3. I could have written this list! These are pretty much all things I'm aiming to do at the moment. I also need to send my parents a Christmas list before they explode with frustration, return an ASOS parcel I don't want and actually doing a food shop! Phew - it's gonna be a busy week.

  4. I like the list you have written...not sure I could actually follow any of them through though!! Good Luck!

  5. Great list hun, we have a lot in common hehe! I'd love to go the gym, I seriously need it + bought so many great books, haven't touched a single one! Hope you cross a lot off your list soon1 ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  6. Loved this. Need to start doing something similar, so I don't forget about the things I need to do :)


  7. I have to get better at Instagram, too! I have been forgetting about it lately.

  8. I really need to have a bit more structure in my life and attempt something like this! Although currently one of my main aims is NOT to leave the house before 8am... xx


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