Something I've loved this week: 11.11.13


This year I've been trying to remember to live by the mantra, "do something you love every day" ...which means finding one thing I've loved each week should be a doddle, right?!
Well this photo isn't going to win any photography prizes!  Why are fireworks so hard to capture?!

On Saturday, Ed and I bundled up against the cold and headed into Reading to watch The Oracle's Christmas Spectacular firework show.  Standing on the bridge over the river watching the fireworks was lovely, made better by the grand finale set to Mariah's classic All I Want for Christmas.  It was all a bit magical and I'll admit to letting out a little squeak when the Christmas tree lit up right at the end.  For a moment it didn't feel like we were in Reading, and now I'm (even more) excited for the season ahead.


  1. Haha I tried to take some pictures of the fireworks on Bonfire Night and they basically all failed so I know your pain! I'm so excited for Christmas too :)

    Louisa's Notebook

  2. Okay I must confess, I never took a good photograph of fireworks! Just can't wait for Christmas!
    Did you guess? I'm coming from tweetah!

  3. I've been to that every year! This year I couldn't though, damn you, moving to Canada! Gorgeous photo xo

  4. Damn fireworks, so beautiful but so hard to photograph!

  5. Sounds lovely! I would have loved to go to something similar! Xx

  6. Super excited about the holidays as well, yay! ^^ Great post my lovely! ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  7. I love how we're getting to close to Christmas. I absolutely adore the holiday season.


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