Something I've loved this week: 4.11.13


This year I've been trying to remember to live by the mantra, "do something you love every day" ...which means finding one thing I've loved each week should be a doddle, right?!
Today, I finally took my camera off Auto and ventured into Manual territory. And boy, am I feeling smug for managing to remember a thing or two about settings!  I've experimented and I'm pretty happy with the way the photos have turned out, and the better grasp I've got on my camera itself.  I'd hate to always be that person who bought a DSLR but can't use it properly!


  1. Ahh me toooooo Tabitha! I always photograph on auto but today I used manual exclusively and fiddled around with the ISO setting a lot. So much more fun! It feels a bit like baking a cake rather than buying one....effort, but a good smug feeling and better reward ;)


  2. I've been trying that too - the Nikon does make it nice and simple though... love the guide mode it has! I've also been trying out new things while editing it to make my pictures better!
    Shelley xx

  3. This is brilliant! I've decided that over then next week or two I WILL be reading the manual of my camera and working out what to do when it isn't on auto! xx

  4. I really should try and do this with my camera, I'm such a technophobe when it comes to stuff like that! I don't even own a DSLR because I know I'd be terrible at using it!

    Louisa's Notebook

  5. Oooh congrats, can't wait to see what you do on manual :)

    Twitter * Beth De Jour Blog

  6. Yay awesome going at taking the leap into manual!



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