Superbra by Panache: Clara Moonlight set


Bras are the bane of my life.  My odd body shape means that bra shopping is a dreaded moment, and I tend to stick to Marks &Spencer where I know I'll come away with a perhaps boring, but sturdy bra.

Things are different with Panache though.  I've bought a couple of bras from them before, so when they kindly gifted me this Clara set I was really pleased.  It's part of their superbra collection, which promises "flattering styles and unfaltering support".  Sounds good, but how does it fare in real life?

This bra really does deliver.  Everything is held where it's meant to be, and under my arms where I normally have trouble with the wire digging in (odd body shape, see!) this fits really nicely.  It's a full cup bra, so it comes high enough to be supportive, but not so high that it's borderline granny.  Believe me, I had some of those when I was heavier!

The bra itself is a slightly more dusky, grey-blue than it's showing in this photo, and it's not as silky as I think it's coming across.  Which is a good thing, because in my experience bras made out of that silkier material tend to be less flexible and don't really mould to a perfect fit.  Just me?

And as for the knickers....well they're nice, full briefs in the same pretty pattern.  Not much to say about pants I don't think, other than they fit nicely and are true to size!

Panache are a brand which, although on my radar, I've neglected to buy from for a while.  Whilst not extortionate, they do run a little pricier than general, high street bras but that's because Panache are specialist, I suppose.  They quality speaks for itself though and I'm convinced it's definitely worth the price tag.  This bra doesn't leave me wiggling midday because it's all shifted and isn't fitting properly anymore; instead it gives me seamless support throughout.  

And you can't ask any more than that, right?


  1. I love panache bras. I always have to spend a little more on my bras as I also have a bit of an odd shape. Another of my favourite brands is Freya, they have some really cute, yet flattering styles. Although, they are on the pricier side too.
    There are cute, <3

  2. I need to do a bit of a revamp of my underwear drawer! After the Christmas presents are bought I'm treating myself! haha!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. Gorgeous set dear, really love panache bras, a brilliant post, thanks so much for sharing!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  4. I love this colour and might order it! I did a review last week of the Panache Black Fern Floral Superbra set, and it is so beautiful, a great fit!


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