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Life's been a bit hectic lately.  I don't know what's happened, but between work, the gym, tidying and general living, I feel like my blog's slipped a little.

Ideally, I like to spend the weekends blogging.  I snap away to get all the photos I need, then get ready with a hot chocolate and marshmallows and settle down to start writing.

I find it easier to write with a photo in mind.  It could easily be done the other way, but for some reason I feel like I'm at a blank without the photo there already.  Pinterest is a life saver for when I don't have/can't take a fitting photo either.

In terms of planning, I like to have one (or four) notebooks around to scribble down post ideas, lists and video concepts.  I used the one in the photo to keep track of things I'd bought for my Diary of a Spendaholic series way back when.  Pinterest is another way I like to plan as well; I have a couple of 'hidden' boards squirreled away, full of inspiration.

When it comes to writing up posts, I'm a laptop girl.  It seems Mac is the way to go, but I'm stuck in my ways.  My very first laptop was an Acer, a great starting point.  It's important to do a lot of homework to check if a laptop will meet your expectations, these Acer laptop reviews should help!

Moving on to reading blogs, this is where I feel I'm slacking lately.  I never have time to sit down and read, and the tablet I bought a while back has sadly sat quite redundant.  I need to get back into using it with the Bloglovin app, but if you're into matchy-matchy like me you might be interested to hear that Acer do tablets too.  Again, read around to see if it's the right one for you, but check out the reviews here as well!

What's your preferred mode of blogging and reading blogs?

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  1. I keep a list of posts to write/photos to take on my phone although I would prefer a nite book. Take pictures when I can, like you I prefer writing when they are took! I also read blogs in my lunch break! :-) xx

  2. You can never have too many notebooks for lists!
    I have handwritting envy! ;-)

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. I really need to get back into a routine too, my ready and posting is far too sporadic but I just haven't found the time lately! maybe I can kickstart it in the new year. x

  4. My life is so hectic too atm, I have thought about getting a tablet to make sure I read more! I've had two acer laptops, I love them. Good old Acer! aha x

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  6. I'd love to be more organised.. it's definitely on my list of things to achieve ..x


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