Autumn Lipsticks: MAC Rebel


Rebel looks to be a deep purple in bullet form, but is far more pink-toned upon application.  MAC describe it as a "vivid pinkish purple".

Vivid is definitely the key word here, and Rebel can be smudged into the lips for more of a stain, or applied all over for a bolder look.  It's a satin finish which leave the lip with a slight sheen and won't feel too drying.

This is one of my favourite lipsticks for this time of year, and a great one for anyone who wants to wear a more berry-toned lipstick without it being too dark.


  1. Ohh this lipstick is GORGEOUS and just the sort of colour I've been on the hunt for :) It's autumnal without being overly dark and gothic! So cute :)
    Keep in touch
    Andrea xxx

  2. Such a long time since I've been on here.. What is wrong with me? haha. Anyways, lovely lip colour for autumn indeed! xx

  3. Gorgeous shade! Fairly similar to a MAC one that I use this time of year called Milan Mode :) might have to give this one a try too! x

    Sarah @ xx

  4. I love this lipstick too! Wearing it at the moment applied as a stain :-) Check out my blog at xx

  5. Such a gorgeous shade and it looks lovely for winter!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  6. This is on my Christmas list!!

  7. This looks like the perfect winter shade. x

  8. The colour on this is BEAUTIFUL. I actually love it! How long does it last for roughly? Might have to be a pay day purchase....
    Shelley xx


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