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 Secret Santa is a great idea – only one present to buy and there’s the added surprise of ‘who has got who’. However, if you’ve been stuck with the name of someone you’re not very familiar with, knowing what to get them can seem a little impossible. Luckily, there are loads of gifts available that are safe and suitable for pretty much anyone. We’ve scoured the net and came up with a list of some of our favourite foolproof options.

The mug
Mugs are the easiest safe gift. After all, who doesn’t love tea or coffee?! And even if your recipient isn’t a caffeine fan, everyone has to drink something! You could even go one step further and have their mug personalised. Loads of sites offer this now, and you can find this and lots of other secret Santa gifts with You could also consider a mug set that contains hot chocolate and other goodies, too.
The chocolates
Again, everyone loves chocolate, and it’s generally a much safer option that alcohol, as not everyone is as fond of a glass as red as we may be. Chocolate is everywhere as well, so is the easiest thing in the world to buy. However, you can still put thought into it by choosing something really cute. How about a chocolate version of The Snowman? Anything cute and Christmassy is sure to be a hit.

The beauty product
A good option if you’ve drawn the name of a female (or a male who likes to take care of himself!). There are lots of things you could go for, too, including stuff like hand cream, lip balms, bath products, hair care and face masks. You could even put together a mini pamper basket depending on the budget, which is bound to impress. A male grooming kit is also likely to go down well, as is things like male facial scrubs, aftershaves and shower gels.

The office accessory
Perfect of course, if they work in an office. Most office workers would really appreciate something useful for their desk, such as a new pen, a desk calendar or a memo pad. Or if you want to go for something a little more amusing, why not choose a novelty office gift? Stress balls are a funny choice for those with a lot on their plates, which let’s face it, is most of us this time of year. Or how about an ‘on this day’ calendar to give them something interesting to read whilst they’re stressing over their new year’s emails?

The diary
Regardless of their occupation, I think it’s fair to say that every adult would appreciate the aid of a diary in their lives. They don’t have to be boring either, as you can pick up some really stylish yet reasonably priced ones now. If your budget is a little higher, why not look into having their initials embellished on the front for an added personal touch? (And be sure to put your birthday in, for future reference of course!)
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  1. i love the house map type thing. i have seen one of a lovel heart before and plan on doing it for valentines day next year :)

    have a lovely christmas!
    lora xxxx


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