My only wish this year


My sisters and I are pretty close.  We're not the type of share-it-all family, but we do see each other weekly and are always there for each other.  We're all at different stages in our lives, but in our own ways at crossroads, so these Argento sterling silver wishbone bracelets* seemed like the perfect way to give a piece of jewellery with a story.

Nichola's wish
Nichola's my big sister and the one I can turn to when I need advice.  She's a fantastic mum to my gorgeous niece, Ella, and has another little bubba on the way.  When I asked Nichola what her wish was, she told me "a happy, healthy life full of fun and laughter" which is, pretty much, what I'd have said.   Nichola and her husband have pretty much got it sorted, so I really do hope this next year (I'm planning ahead!) is a happy one for them.

Zara's wish
Zara's my younger sister, and it can be hard to remember that she's not little anymore!  I guess she'll always be the baby of the family, but it's a sobering thought when I remember that at her age I was in my second year at uni!  Whenever I need a shopping partner, Zara's happy to oblige and I love her because she puts up with me dragging her around here, there and everywhere.  She can be a little fluffy so it's no surprise that she didn't really give me an answer when I asked what her wish would be.  So I guess it's my older sister duty to make one for her.  She's just started a new job and got herself a new car, so my wish for Zara is to enjoy her growing independence and continue to flourish.  Every time I see her I feel like she's become a little bit more grown up...where did that little ratbag who used to annoy me when I had friends over go?

My wish
I've been thinking long and hard about where my life is going in recent months.  I sometimes feel that I'm wasting it and just existing rather than truly living.  Life's too short to put up with anything that doesn't make you happy, and in the words of Robbie Williams, if it don't feel good what are you doing it for?  I hope I can decide where I want to go and take steps to get there.  Wish me luck! 

Couldn't resist fitting in a Britney Christmas song reference in the title!


  1. This is super cute and such a nice idea! I hope your sisters enjoyed their bracelets... I still need to buy mine her Xmas pressie, :) xxxx

  2. This is lovely! I do wish I had sisters sometimes, as I've just got the one brother! I really like that bracelet, too. xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  3. Ah that's a lovely idea! I've just recently (the last few months I guess?) become closer with my sister after a few years of not really keeping in much contact and it's a lovely feeling knowing you've got someone there for you in a way that's different from a friendship.

    Good luck with whatever decisions you make! Things have a way of working themselves out, even if making changes seem scary and risky at first! xxx

  4. Such a nice post, what a lovely idea. Things like this make me wish I had sisters as well as a grumpy brother! Xx

  5. I feel like your wish is much like mine. I just want to get moving in a direction. It's hard to choose and get started though!

  6. This is such a lovely post ..<3



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