I'm feeling a little 'fresher' lately!  I'm not on of these people who tends to wait for a new year/new season/new whatever before making changes....but it's quite nice that this time it's coincided with 2014!

So what's different?  I got my eyes tested; turns out I don't, strictly speaking, need glasses, although I do have a very low prescription to help the way my eyes interpret colour.  Which came about at just the right time, as MyOptique very kindly offered to send me these Metropolitan glasses from the London Retro range.  I love them; they're the perfect size, fit really well, and the tortoiseshell detail makes a nice change from the black frames I've sported in the past.  There were loads of different frames to choose from, if you're a glasses-wearer you really should check them out.  I've also gone lighter with my hair in the hopes of perfecting that Kim Kardashian not-quite-blonde look.  And it's a blimmin' tricky one to achieve!  Speaking of Kim, I've been experimenting with my make up and opting for a more golden, contoured look too.

You may also have spotted the pictures I posted of my new wardrobe.  Yep, that's bringing about a change as well.  In my quest to have it looking all shop-like, I no longer want to display any ugly clothes.  I had a ruthless clear out and got rid of 5 bags of unloved garments and am hoping to maintain a more streamlined wardrobe this year.  The allure of monochrome coupled with a lack of hangers and having to consider whether I want certain clothes on show is really helping my bank balance during the sales season!

What changes have you put into practice?


  1. THAT HAIR! I love love love the length! I keep toying with cutting my hair even shorter but my mum keeps bringing me back from the edge. Think I'm just going to go for it! Your new wardrobe looks amazing, I'm going to have a huge clear out of my flat when I get back from my holidays I feel like I'm drowning in things I no longer wear. Hope this new year brings you lots of fun and exciting opportunities!
    Nina from little nomad

  2. Love your hair! Been thinking about cutting mine like this again, might go for it as it looks so lovely on you, haha! Also so jealous of your new wardrobe! xx

  3. your hair though. love itt xx

  4. Your glasses really suit you (: And your hair looks amazing here!


  5. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!! I always try to think New Year is a god time for a change but all of my changes HAVE to start on a Monday ha

  6. I just found your blog, it's very nice. Keep it up with the good work!

    Andera |

  7. i looove these glasses on you, even if you don't need them - they're cute!! haha


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