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This week's interiors post has a slightly different feel to it.  Call it an "exteriors" post, if you like! 

The realisation that I'm fast approaching 30 is beginning to sink in.  Just last week, one of my closest friends moved house.  Into one that she owns.  Not rents, owns.  That level of grown up-ness just scares me.  She's a homeowner.  I don't think I'll ever be responsible enough for that!  But then again, it is pretty inevitable right?  That one day I'll have to stop putting it off and actually think about doing some scary grown up investing of my money.

Today, with a moment or two to spare, I found myself browsing that ever faithful pinterest.  And for once it wasn't the sight of a dreamy haircut giving me a glimmer of excitement (seriously though, my hair inspiration board is growing by the second), it was the sight of houses I found myself lusting after. Who'd have thought an arrangement of bricks and glass could be so fascinating?

So I present to you, my little mood board of dream homes.  Literally, big dreams.  With my ability to spend money like it's going out of fashion, it's a dream that I might one day be able to buy anything remotely long-term and sensible, let alone a house of any kind

I started off my search with ideas of whimsical fairy-lit cottages in my head, but realised quickly that the urban lifestyle excites me more.  I couldn't resist adding Carrie Bradshaw's Manhattan apartment in the list, as the thought of living in a city seems just so glamorous.  A fast pace and shops on my doorstep?  Sign me up! Not sure Ed would go for that though, somewhere woodland is much more up his street (see what I did there?)  Although I have to admit that that house overlooking the lake is pretty amazing!

Whilst I have no real plans to get on the property ladder just yet (sorry Mum!), I do think something's got to give with my money spending habits.  I have no wealthy benefactor waiting in the sidelines....perhaps it's time to start giving something like EuroJackpot LottoLand a go?!  For the time being, I think I'll settle on just trying to be a bit less frivolous with my pennies.

Where would your dream home be?  And please tell me I'm not alone in being terrified by the thought of it!

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  1. A couple years ago... even a couple weeks ago I think I was still thinking I would be moving about every 6 months for the rest of my twenties... But time changes. Whilst I am definitely in no hurry to purchase a house, I do get SERIOUS house envy when I see people who have already conquered that grown up mile stone. Think of the white washed kitchen chairs... The lavender in the bathroom. The Molten Brown sleep spray by the bed... (Errrr, I'm also a millionaire in these fantasies)... This kind of Pinteresting is definitely for me!

  2. Tee hee - I'm also an avid Pinterestee. There should be a warning sign before you sign up: 'beware, you may lose many hours of productivity" x



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