There was a time when I thought that, as a blogger, I had to publish content regularly, and to a schedule.  But recently I've re-evaluated, and realised that I'd rather take time out if I need it, and come back with a fresh perspective and ideas that I'm happy to publish.  I've come back this week with a bit more focus, and I'm hoping you can see the difference.

But being MIA on here for a week or so doesn't mean I logged off completely.  Oh no.  My pinterest is full of inspiration, so I thought I'd pull some of that across here and share with you the sorts of things that have been floating my boat recently.  I'm sorry I don't have the links for all of these images, but you can view them on my boards for hair tricks, home ideas, fashion inspiration, jewels, make up loveliness, hats and bags, shoes and girl crushes.

And now time for some feedback...what do you think of sharing a behind the scenes inspiration post like this every couple of months?


  1. Hi, i love pinterest for inspiration idea, I spend far too much unhealthy amount off time on there. Sharing a behind the scene inspiration post is a great idea. x :)

  2. Lovely images you have collected! I also love pinterest!
    Keeley's Wardrobe

  3. Phoebe Tonkins hair is freakin fabulous, I want that cut yet I always chicken out at the hairdressers! Nice post dear :)

    xo Mélane
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

  4. I'm obsessed with pinterest - best inspiration ever. These pictures are perfect. And I agree: it's refreshing to take a few days away from the blog - sometimes that's all you need.


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