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My new thing to look for on pinterest has been bedding ideas.  We have fairly neutral grey/taupe walls in our bedroom and I've noticed lately how much of a difference well-thought out bedding can have in a room.

I don't want anything too fussy (the idea of having to take off a million cushions before climbing into bed is just annoying!) but I would like to make more of a feature with a nice duvet set.  At the moment we have an vintage-looking set from M&S, but I think I'd like to go a bit more neutral and maybe add a throw for a splash of colour or a different tone to tie the whole room together.

Now, where should I start looking?!


  1. I could get lost for hours on Pinterest! I agree, I like neutral bedsets but love the idea of a coloured throw, that's brilliant. Perhaps look at John Lewis or Zara Home? In an ideal world I'd have all my bed linens from The White Company!

  2. oh that bedding is gorgeous! pinterest is so good yet so bad for ideas as i want everything in my house immediately haha

    from helen at

  3. Ah that bed is gorgeous. I've never considered grey before but it looks so beautiful
    Lucia's Loves


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