Try the Trend: Beyonce waves


Who hasn't become obsessed with Beyonce's new album?  There are loads of make up tutorials from various videos floating around on YouTube, but for me it's her look in Yonce that's a winner and the inspiration for this Try the Trend post.

1.  I was kindly sent the TONI&GUY Deep Barrel Waver.  It's really quick (the majority of the section of my hair can be done with one clamp) and easy to use and has definitely sped up my morning routine, as well as providing mahoosive hair!
2.  The waves can be a little daunting at first, but spritz a little sea salt spray through it once you're done to soften them slightly.
3. The ends of my hair sometimes looked a little dry, so a little smoothing serum is my best friend.
4. Hairspray!  Whizz it all over and this look stays put all day.

I've had similar hair tools in the past and never got on with them, but whether it's my haircut or the backing of Beyonce, I'm actually loving the effect.  I like that it's opened my eyes to a different way of styling a short bob and it means I don't have to stick to curling tongs.  I will admit that there are days when I think I've gone a little overboard with the waves, then I realise.....WHY BE SUBTLE?! 


  1. Tabitha, I love the waves on you ! I just this week got my hair cut to a similar length and the hairdresser gave me some products to re create the effect at home, but that deep barrel waver sounds like a magical helping hand : ) xx

  2. Love this look!! I have super long hair so I don't know how good it would look on me! But yeh FLAWLESS.

  3. Oh my God, LOVE this!! You look great and it makes me want to cut my hair.. Must. Resist. xx

  4. hi,
    I love you hair like this, i love how this style looks really relaxed still. My hair is a little bit longer than yours and i didnt think my hair was long enough but now i want to go and try this out.


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