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Pony skin is quickly taking over my wardrobe.  I can't seem to resist its furry softness; in fact, it seems to be *the* thing I look out for, and the deciding factor in a new purchase.

1.  This trend works best with accessories, so look out for pony skin bags and shoes.
2. Keep colours simple, going for black or grey.
3. Animal prints are still, most definitely, a nude.  They work really well alongside this texture...especially leopard print!
4. Personally, I prefer a shorter, almost matte effect here.  The bag from Baia pulls it off perfectly!

So this is another instance where I've already purchased an item or two, and have plans to buy more.  My beautiful pony skin Baia bag is my current favourite, and I just bought those black slippers.  They're a little more fur than pony skin, and at times I wonder whether I look like I have hairy hooves for feet, but they still make an interesting change.  Roll on pay day so I can buy the black clutch!


  1. Such good picks... 4 and 6 have been on my polyvore wishlist for forever!

  2. so in love with 6 :)

  3. Ah everything here is so beautiful
    Lucia's Loves


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