February 2014's Memory: bike riding


Do you remember I told you my sister and I would be doing something a little more special than just a bike ride for our Memory Maker challenge?  Last week we bundled up against the cold and headed into London to hire a Boris Bike and go riding in Kensington Gardens.

I've always wanted to visit Kensington Gardens.  Seeing the Peter Pan statue was top of my list, but I had no idea there were so many other things to see there.  We had a good walk around (unfortunately you can only ride the bikes around the perimeter of the gardens) before hopping on a bike and riding back down to Hyde Park to catch the tube at Marble Arch.  

Shopping followed (it'd be rude not to visit Selfridges!), then a quick cake to refuel before heading down to Primark on Tottenham Court Road.  It's the best Primark to go to.  The feeling of being in a jumble sale that you sometimes get?  Doesn't happen here.  If only they were all like that?! 

All in all we had a wonderful day out, and I think we can safely say that a memory was made.  I can't wait to see what March has in store for us now!


  1. I was in London yesterday! I really need to go more, there's so much to see. xxx


  2. Aw this looks like such a lovely day out. My boyfriend lives in London, so I may drag him along to Kensington Gardens as I've never been before - look forward to seeing what you get up to during your March's Memory (great series by the way!)

    Steph x
    Lay It Bare

  3. What lovely photos. I love the Peter Pan statue too. It has a real sense of fantasy about it I find. I think I'm going to enjoy these Memory Maker posts :) x

  4. It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day! I love these kind of posts! :) have a great week!

  5. It sounds like a perfect sisters day out :)



  6. I've never tried a Boris bike but where we live there are plenty of regular bikes to hire. I think I'm going to have to try that Primark though. : )


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