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Our home contains a lot of stuff, but is really lacking in homeware knick knacks that make things a bit more cosy and homely.

When compiling this post I was reminded how good the home section is on H&M's website.  I already knew that Next stocked some nice bits, and enjoyed having a browse on Zara and Anthropologie....although in reality there's an extremely slim chance that I'll ever shop there!  That magazine rack is rather delicious though...

Top of my homewares list has to be the woven storage basket though.  I spotted it in store; it's a sturdy design that would sit perfectly in the big hole left by the Christmas tree in our front room.  And at only £25, such a bargain!


  1. I love these sorts of colours.. Anthropologie stuff is always gorgeous! x

  2. Love that magazine rack is gorgeous...copper is everywhere in interiors at the moment x

  3. These are so cute. I love looking at home decor, even though I live at home with my parents haha!
    Jessie @, xx


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