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I'm not really one for crafts.  Try as I might, I just can't seem to pull them off and always end up in a sticky mess.  Browsing online though, I came across a wealth of DIY ideas for the home...and who else to share with but you?!

1. Remember my love for box shelves?  Well this little box-file shelf has gone one step further, and I'm loving the effect! 

2.  Whilst we're on the topic of shelving, have a look here for a rundown of some really great rustic shelving ideas....there's even my favourite ladder shelf in there.

3.  And lastly for shelving, how amazing does this upcycled panel door look?

4 & 5.  Wall art ideas here and here to keep you busy!

6.  I'd have to be careful not to walk into it (seriously, I can be that clumsy) but this would make an awesome coat rack.

7.  Not sure I'd ever actually do this, but how much of talking point would this lamp be?

8.  I love the minimalist look of these magazine rails.  I'm just trying to work out where I could fit this in!

9.  Another crafty way to re-use old doors, this way to make room divider-type decor.

10.  My dressing table is looking a bit worse for wear now, I'll definitely be considering making this one when it's time to upgrade!

Do you have any links to DIY websites you could leave below?  I'm feeling all creative now, and with half term coming up next week I may just surprise myself!  Who am I kidding, we know I'll spend the majority of the time catching up on sleep....


  1. I'm not really one for crafts but I love looking!!

  2. These DIY ideas are brilliant! I love arty things I only wish I could replicate them. Certainly would love to up-cylce the old door into a shelf, that is genius! x

  3. Oh, the pipe lamp is amazing! Don't think I've got the handy man in me to do that one (well, at least not the tools and materials), but I'd so love to have it!



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