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After years of not buying earrings, they've suddenly found their way right back on my radar.  I've previously stuck with two tiny 2mm silver balls in each of my lobes, with the occasional stud in my cartilage, but after expanding on my piercings I've found myself obsessed with asymmetric, minimalist earrings.

I've got a pair of staple earrings winging their way to me as we speak, and I can't get these Kathleen Whitaker staple and chain studs out of my mind.  I've trawled the internet and can't find the real deal to buy though, so after many an hour on etsy I think I may just have found a suitable dupe to buy once payday hits.

I currently sport a tiny rose gold ball in my conch piercing, but am looking for more interesting ways to adorn this and my cartilage.  Any ideas where I should look?


  1. The wee heart nose stud is so cute! xoxo

  2. I want to get so many small earrings!
    I have 6 piercings - 3 in each lobe and love lots of small studs
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  3. I don't even have my ears pierced....this is inspiration!

  4. I've always gone to eBay and Amazon to peruse earrings :) x


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