#sharethelove .....a slight change


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I've been mulling over the future of these #sharethelove posts.  I enjoy sharing my favourite bloggers and youtubers with you, but it can be tricky if I've had a busy week and not really managed to sit down and catch up on my reading list.  I also feel like I've put a bit too much pressure on myself to come up with these posts and do a little write up of the featured blogger.  

From now on, I'll be sharing the love over on my Facebook page instead.  I'll tweet when I've posted on there (there'll be one up tonight!), but please do go and hit 'like' to have it pop up in your news feed to make sure you're up to date :).

I still love finding new blogs to read and hearing who your favourites are, so don't stop sending me links to check out as well!

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