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Remember before Christmas when I was obsessed with Kim K's blonde hair?  All I wanted was that warm, subtle golden blonde shade, and now that I've achieved going lighter I want more.  Zero warmth this time though, I'm craving that icy, Scandinavian blonde shade.

My hair's been a whole host of colours - from white-blonde all over, to red, to dark and now here at a warm, balayage bronde.  Next on the list is this, which should hopefully be happening soon!  The big photo in the middle is my main inspiration....isn't it perfect?!  I want to stick to that ashy shade at the roots all over, and am anxious that I don't get too bright blonde around my face.

I've asked already on twitter, but please leave any haircare tips and tricks down below for maintaining this shade!  My hair has a tendency to show up warmer than it should be, so any suggestions for good shampoos etc would be much appreciated! 


  1. I loved Kim K's blonde locks too but I agree the cooler shade is totally gorgeous! xx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  2. This hair colour is gorgeous! What is your natural colour? I would love to go this colour x

  3. I'm desperate to go blonde but the hair dresser tested a strand of my hair and it went orange, so I've got wait for my years of brunette box-dyes to grow out, boohoo!

    I really love these colours, can't wait to see the final results! xx

  4. Love these colours! Check out my latest post on lightening blonde hair naturally!

  5. this. all of this. is exactly what I want! love to see what this looks like on you! LV x

  6. L'Oréal or paul Mitchell silver/purple shampoos will knock out any unwanted yellowy tones leaving it looking cooler or L'Oréal have toners for at home maintenance and you can get cool tones in those x x


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