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- She could well be preying on my latest addiction to buying ALL OF THE BAGS, but Leanne's Saturday Spending post was spot on.  Somebody hide my credit card! -
- Rebecca's look of the day has inspired me to dig my Naked 2 palette out and have a go at recreating her perfect daywear smokey eye....and how flawless is her skin?! -

- Suzie's tattoos and piercings video has got me wanting to get tattooed again! -
- I can't link to just one video, Poppy's whole YouTube channel is amazing.  She's just won the Daily Mix Beauty Bootcamp, has flawless skin and posts regular, fantastic tutorials.  New favourite YouTuber right there! -

- I've already got the black Topshop skater shoes that every blogger and their mum owns, but I'm wondering whether the pink versions would be the perfect pastel addition to my wardrobe - 
- I can't wait for my most recent lobe piercings to heal up so I can buy this earring

  - With reference to the wanting to get a tattoo mentioned above, my pinterest board has jumped back into action again, and is rapidly filling up with micro tattoos that have really been catching my eye lately -


  1. Thanks so much for the post / mention hun! Really appreciated =] Much love! xxx
    Rebecca from P0LARMILK

  2. Great post :-)
    I've just bought the pastel pink skater shoes from Topshop. Completely in love with them!

  3. Ah I've been watching the beauty bootcamp videos too, guilty pleasure! Please Poppy won as she deffs deserved it!



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