Making Memories: March


March is upon us (is that spring on the horizon?) so I was eager to get going on another monthly memory.  First thing I did on the 1st of March was pull out another piece of folded brown paper and was met with the task of ice skating.

I really like the idea of this, but it could be tricky.  I have zero balance and am pretty sure that now I'm a grown up I'll do some serious damage when I (inevitably) fall over.  But it'll be fun to give it a go after at least 15 years and the promise of hot chocolates rink-side is too good to miss.

And if you're wondering what on Earth I'm on about, click here to get up to speed about this whole memory making challenge!


  1. Ok so I've just had to read your other post to find out what you're on about! Love this idea! I'm going to have to read your all other posts now to see how you're getting on. Have fun ice skating : )

  2. I'll totes come skating with you, the rink in Guildford is a good one! I used to figure skate, so can teach you basics!

    C x


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