March 2014's Memory: ice skating


If you missed it, my challenge with my sister this month was to go ice skating.  I haven't been for at least 15 years, so it was a little nervously that I ventured out last weekend.  I say "nervously", as the time to actually get skating got nearer, mild tummy butterflies began turning into full on fear.

First few minutes on the ice and, I'll be honest, I wanted to cry.  My family's absolute confidence that I would fall over didn't exactly calm my nerves.  I was clinging to the edge and literally shuffling my way around, laughing only slightly hysterically.  Zara was incredibly patient with me though, surprisingly self-assured on the ice (I had visions of us ending up in a tumbled heap together), and without her I would have only made it half way round.  Possibly with tears streaking down my face.

I did it though.  I managed a good few laps of the rink (ok, so Zara did have to hold my hand the entire time) and eventually made it to more than an arm's length away from the walls.  AND I didn't fall over!   The kindness of strangers in the form of words of encouragement also helped spur me on a little.

So in actual fact, the challenge this month was rather short.  We had a full day trip in February, compared to just a few laps of the local ice rink.  We did, however, spend a good length of time sharing vinegary chips in the cafe and just catching up and sharing sisterly advice.  I think that having less time taken up having to focus on a full-on activity gave us lots of time for bonding.  Which is exactly what this whole journey is about, actually.

Roll on next month....I'm hoping for something a little less terrifying, I've done enough conquering of my fears for the time being!

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  1. I have been reading your blog for quite a while (follower on Bloglovin) and I have been calling it 'sacred toast' in my lead for literally months, if not years! I suddenly realised it is not called that! Sorry, just had to share my ridiculousness :D

  2. Ι really want to try ice skating myself some day, if I manage to handle the embarrassment lol !

  3. I can't seem to get further than a metre without falling - so well done on the laps! x


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