Springtime happiness


Sunny weekends were made for playing with sticks in the park.  I say "sticks", perhaps "chunky sections of fallen branches" is more accurate?

It's amazing how much the weather affects us.  I took a stroll around to the shops earlier, and the joy it brought me to wear sunglasses and not have to worry about a coat was just perfect.  The warmth on my skin was glorious, and for the last few days all has been right in the world.  This morning, that handsome chap above practically raced me out the back door to do some sunbathing!  And should I be admitting that being able to hang washing out to dry on the line has been the highlight of my weekend? 

I really am full of the joys of spring and can't wait for this warmer weather to last.  I'm not even a fan of those sweltering hot days, but I love the sense of focus and motivation the slight rise in temperature has brought me.  And driving home in the light, oh it lifts my spirits!

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  1. I'm with you, the longer days give me such a boost! Early mornings are much easier when it's light :)

    rachael | made up of little things


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