The glitter mani for grown ups


I may have finally found a glitter nail varnish that doesn't make me look, or feel like a child. Hurrah!

The L'Oreal Color Riche in Gold Leaf was a guilty little purchase made out on a recent trip with Leanne, and it's been adorning my nails ever since.  It's glitter, but in a more sophisticated way, with shards of gold leaf catching the light in a pretty mosaic-effect.

I've worn this nail varnish as a stand-out shade against a black background, although this is my current favourite; teaming it with Barry M's Matte Nail Paint in Vanilla to create a more muted pairing. 

This polish dries in a decent time and is fairly easy to use.  For the most part you get a pretty even coating, although on occasion I had to splodge more flecks in certain spots of my nail to get better coverage.  It can feel slightly rough, so a top coat is a must!

"What about the dreaded removal?" I hear you ask.  Well, any glitter nail varnish is a bitch to get rid of, but this is marginally less of a bitch.  It doesn't seem as gritty as traditional glitters so does, in my opinion, come off the nail slightly easier. 

At £4.99, the Color Riche topcoat range is an absolute bargain.  Have you given any of the shades a whirl yet?


  1. I love the muted colour combination, it looks so elegant! I've been searching for a glitter nail varnish for a while now and this sounds perfect. I'm sold! x

  2. This looks so beautiful! How did I miss this in Boots today?!

    Catherine, xo // LLV Blog

  3. I have to give this a try!


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