6: celebrities inspiring me right now


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Emma Watson: has never been on my lust list (bad time to admit I've not seen all of the HP films?) but for some reason lately she's shot right on my radar.  Those eyebrows, that porcelain skin and that English Rose look is, for some reason, really inspiring me right now.

Nicole Richie: should never be a surprising entry for any regular readers.  At first I didn't love the lilac hair, but then I saw her in this photo with a floral crown that's been cut out of shot, looking all garden fairy.....cue instant tiny obsession.

Jaime King: isn't normally one I'd turn to for inspiration, but when I found this image when looking for long bobs and just fell in love.

 Lady Gaga: is usually too out there for me but in the G.U.Y video her hair is awesome.  The length is, perhaps, a little unobtainable (FYI, I'm being ironic...) but I think she just looks amazing with this icy blonde style.

Emma Willis: hands down has the most amazing eyes and watching her on The Voice auditions I found myself wanting to recreate that updo...which, typically, I found no photos of.  Trust me though, it looked great!

Diane Krugerthat make up.  'Nuff said. 


  1. Love Emma Watson so much. She always looks so beautiful and has amazing fashion sense!

    Chloe x

  2. I think Emma Watson (and the other ladies you've used) is gorgeous! Although I do end up either loving or hating her red carpet looks.
    Rubi x
    The Den


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