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I'm by no means an interior designer, but our house is fairly neutral, so I'm always looking for ways to inject a bit of personality to an otherwise muted base.

First up is storage.  We're big fans of Ikea here and have decked out the library room with white Billy bookcases.  And let's not forget my wardrobe, the Stolmen system.  Next on my list is a nice, white Expedit; I think it's the perfect way to store personal bits and pieces and still look stylish and neat.  Plus it'd give me the perfect excuse to finally buy one of these.

Accent colour is my next top tip for bringing a bit of spice to a room.  I'm guilty of not actually achieving it though, but at the moment I'm lusting over that perfect almost green-tinged yellow cushions and rugs mixed in against a grey backgrop.  I think I need to finally get my backside in gear and buy some white bedding so I can get round to doing this!

We have a coffee table.  We have books.  But due to Ed's obsession with making sure our coffee table remains bare, we don't actually own any coffee table books.  They're *the* perfect way to make sure your personality is present in a room and give people something to leaf through as well.  Fashion photography books are my first port of call, and I've  wanted to get my hands on this book for the longest time, too.  Maybe I should bite the bullet and just start building up a collection...

I've gone on about my love of gallery walls before and I love the way our hallway wall is looking.  I was planning to build up a set of frames on another bare space in the hall, but I think I'll invest in some more photo ledges to allow for a more, easily customised display.  I showed you my shoe display before, and I really like that these rails can be used to house books as well as photo frames.

Ok.  So in general plants don't really float my boat, but looking at perfect rooms on pinterest has got me noticing a common theme - the most harmonious tend to have a bit of greenery in them.  Ed's far more on the ball in this area and loves a bit of tropical influence, but they're definitely one way to add interest to a space.

My default setting when thinking of lighting is the fairy variety, but I've come to realise there are so many different types out there.  Candles, uplights, low lights, twig lights, fairy lights....the choice is endless.  But that photo above, with the ladder and lights combo is my idea of perfection.

Do you have any tips for making your house a home?


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