A weekend in snapshots


If what they say about Sundays well spent bringing a week of content, I must be in for a really good week ahead!

Last weekend kicked off to a good start when I received an email on Friday asking if I'd like to go down and visit the newly refurbished Topshop in The Oracle, Reading.  Even better news was that Leanne had received the same email and that we were kindly going to be gifted a Topshop voucher each to do some spending.  I'd had my eye on a couple of things for a while but am trying to be good with my money, so this email couldn't have come at a better time!

The new Topshop is lighter, brighter and bigger than before.  It's taken over the adjoining Gap store and switched the layout around, with Topshop sitting downstairs and Topman and a Miss Selfridge concession above.  If memory serves me well, the store has had the same (or at least very similar) layout since it opened, so an overhaul was long overdue.  Now it's got lots of "zones" within the shop and is much more like the Westfield store.  There was a DJ playing to celebrate its re-opening and we were offered mini manicures as part of the experience.  We were so excited to shop though, that we forgot to take advantage!  Despite it being the opening weekend, and us being in town at lunchtime on a Saturday the store felt surprisingly quiet.  Not because there weren't lots of people in there, but I think because it's well laid out and you're not all crammed together.  Topman upstairs felt similar, with an industrial feel to the layout, but lots of space as well.

Besides giving our arms a good work out by loading them up with shopping, Leanne and I hit our favourite burger joint, put the world to rights (as usual) and spent an unnecessary amount on flowers.  Ok, so Leanne's were for Mother's Day whereas mine were entirely for me!  I don't often buy flowers, so it was a nice treat that I'm resolving to do more often.

And then on Sunday, Zara and I took Mum out for brunch, I got my hands on some lovely rose gold rings before coming home and spending the day in Ed's Topman joggers.  They really are the comfiest, and I think I'll be looking in there next time I need a pair!

How was your weekend?


  1. It sounds like you've had a great weekend. I wish my weekend had been that good, sadly I've been ill so it was two days in bed for me. Which sounds like a dream, but isn't in reality.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  2. Gorgeous snaps! I was at a Cheer competition all weekend, my team came 2nd :)



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