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The sun is shining brighter, which means my orange bag has made a reappearance to match!  I'd forgotten how much I like this bag; using the City Bag has got me used to being very compartmentalised, so being able to chuck all sorts in and having it all swim about together felt very 'free'!

What would a trip to see Lizzie in Farnham be without stopping off at our favourite backdrop?  Looking back at those photos, I'm left in that eternal fringe quandary; do I grow it out like I'm always wanting to and just put up with that awkward in between stage?  Or accept that having no fringe doesn't look quite right on me and stick with those handy forehead-hiders?  Answers on a postcard, please! 


  1. Go for the no fringe, you can do so much with it, although it may take a while to get there if you don't like it it's so easy to go back. Love this bag, the pop of colour is so cool.

  2. I'm a little obsessed with that bag... You look gorgeous xo

  3. Hurray for the sunshine!!!

    Oh go for the fringe : D I'd flipping love one, if only it suited my chubby cheeks!

    Faded Windmills

  4. Ohhhh that bag!

    I'd go no fringe just because summer is on its way and I used to find mine ( when I had one ) would always stick to my head wahhh, hated it !

    Looking lovely and ready for the summer :)

    Taz and Bear


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