Making Memories: April


So this month it's rock climbing!  We conquered my fear in February (who knew I was so scared of ice skating?!) and this month it's Zara's anxieties we're facing.  She's terrified of heights, and in all honesty I didn't realise quite how scared when I popped this in the memory maker.  I'm not *that* horrible....I wouldn't have put it in had I known!

She's stepping up like a trooper though, and in a couple of weeks we'll be harness-ing up and getting down to our local climbing walls.  I'm a little bit nervous too, but I'm quite liking the idea of getting a bit of a workout without going to the gym.  I'm not sure my nails will thank me though!

Now for that important question....what do I wear?!


  1. My boyfriend and I have started something similar to this! We pick something random from Groupon every month and did outdoor rock climbing in December(!) which was blimmin' freezing. Good though; I'm sure you'll enjoy it! A good pair of stretchy gym leggings would be a good option I think although I wore leggings, joggers and waterproof trousers... it was December and I'm nesh.
    Miss Tea :) x

  2. I went rockclimbing a few weeks ago as a weekend challenge with a friend and loved it! So much fun! It was indoor and I just wore gym tights, a look tank top and my Nike Frees, because they're more flexible than my other runners. They might have climbing shoes you can hire though. It will be rough on the ends of your fingers though! But I hope you enjoy it!


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