Time off work in numbers


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17 lie-ins.  And by that I mean waking up at 8am rather than 6:20.
38 minutes travelling to London to watch Warhorse.
2 times seeing Lizzie in one week....that's a record!
2048 ...the game that stole my time.
4 missed classes at the gym, and;
4 meals out.  See the link between my expanding waistline?!
28 pounds.  The price of the perfect "night out" bag.  
5 body butters that made their way home from The Body Shop with me.  There was a sale on + a discount code + my favourite smell + I have an addiction.
  0 days left!!  


  1. Love this! I went to see Warhorse a few years back and adored it - what did you think? I've been enjoying skipping the gym too though I think I may go tonight! Hope you had a lovely Easter :)

    Jo xx
    She Wears Burgundy

  2. Wow busy bee!! Made the most of those precious days then : D

    Faded Windmills


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