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My desk is tucked away at the back of the house, in the room we've nicknamed oh so pompously, The Library.  It's a lovely quiet space to work, and since dedicating a little time to freshening the area up I've felt a whole new lease of blogging life.  It's been ages since I first blogged about my desk (I can't believe it was way back in 2012!) so now's as good a time as any to let you have a little snoop around my workspace!

As I said in that original post, my desk is a really big table from Ikea that cost us a mere £30.  The table top is looking a bit worse for wear now (thanks to Ed's penchant for doing DIY and crafts on it!) so could do with replacing.  It's on my shopping list for next time we visit Ikea, although preferably in a bigger car to avoid a view like this on the way home!

I've made a few additions to my desk over the past few weeks.  I picked up another plastic box from Muji to stack on top of an existing one and act as a sort of blogging in-tray for products and samples that I need to use up.  There's also the little desk caddy you can see next to those which I finally bought from Staples after eyeing them up for ages.  They're from the Martha Stewart range, which I wish I'd known about sooner.  It's a really good storage system where you can buy lots of separate components to fit on top of one another and make your perfect combination.  I've gone for the inbox with drawer as well as an organiser to go on top.  They were, and still are, on sale....but there's not much left!

The other new thing is my pinterest printables, washi taped to the wall.  I found and printed off this typography calendar (I didn't pin it though, and can't find the link...sorry!) as well as a weekly blog organiser.  I like to have things visually planned out, and although the weekly planner is a little more detailed than I need it to be it still feels nice to put pen to paper and write down ideas.

And besides that, there's just the few odds and ends that adorn most people's desk.  My Fireside Treats Yankee Candle, flowers from Mum, my new journal, another candle, some stones from a beach (Brighton, I think.  Does anyone else like to collect stones that *feel* nice?), my laptop and my phone...because, let's face it, that thing never leaves my side!

Where do you blog from?  Leave me your links down below if you've got a post like this!


  1. Cute! I would love an area where I could have a little work space! I currently blog whilst sat on a sofa or my bed! xx

  2. This looks like such a lovely area! Love Pinterest for free stuff you can just print off :)

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

  3. What a beautiful space - I love the jug and flowers, beautiful.

    I mainly blog from my kitchen table which unfortunately is not so pretty - we're moving soon (hopefully!) so can get a desk at last - can't wait!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  4. This looks quite similar to my desk except mine is a lot busier (meaning messier!). I also use free printables from pinterest to plan my posts...I don't know how people live without! I use this one -

    Jen x

  5. Love that vase and flowers :) such a pretty space x

  6. cute set up! always have to have a candle buring ;)

    Emma from

  7. I really need a proper work space!

  8. Ow! And where is Dudley ? :)


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