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- I love when the Cosmo Blog Awards roll around again.  Every year I trawl through those shortlisted to find new gems to follow.  This year it's been Style The Nation that caught my eye; a style blog with thought-provoking articles interspersed within.  A new kind of blog for me to follow - the first post got me hooked.
- Tor's post is something I really wish there were more of in the beauty community.  I hear people say so often that if they don't like a product they just won't mention it, and whilst I can see why, I'd much rather hear the negatives of something so that I'm a little more knowledgeable and can make a more informed decision before possibly purchasing.

- Rather than a specific video, I've been enjoying Dollymix962's channel in general.  I've always liked watching her, and now she's back from uni her uploading regime is more regular.  Her videos are a good length to pop on whilst doing the housework and she's not overly hyper and in your face.  Which I like!
- Kat's a really consistently good YouTuber and as well as her tutorials I particularly love her fashion hauls.  Our styles are a little different, although I always find myself wanting one of what she has, and she's a good bargain hunter which encourages me to be a little more savvy with my spending.  Although I may have made a YouTuber enabled purchase after watching this video!

- It's not long now until my birthday, so and these shoes are top of my list from Ed.  Now to convince him to buy them for me and before my size goes out of stock again....he has this strange notion that birthday presents are meant to be 'practical'.  Have you ever heard such nonsense?
- As usual, I'm being influenced by every vlogger I see hauling a pink leather jacket.  Now the question is, do I go for this YouTuber favourite (which annoyingly is now only available online in blue), or this paler option?

- This weekend it's Ed's birthday, so maybe I finally have an excuse to make this M&M cookie pie?  Trouble is, he doesn't have nearly the sweet tooth I do so I have a feeling this would be more of a treat for me than him.
- I've vowed to get back to using my desk space more, so I've been on a free printables kick.  I didn't realise there was such a wealth of resources to be found on pinterest!


  1. Oh my. Repeat after me 'I DO NOT NEED AN EXCUSE TO MAKE THE COOKIE PIE'. Just make it. And then blog about it.

    Thank you.

    rachael xx | made up of little things

  2. I agree with Rachael - make the cookie pie. And I prefer the cut of the paler jacket so that gets my vote! x


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