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Summer is approaching and it's the season when, against my better judgment, I get all white crazy.  I can't resist the weaving the crisp blank canvas in with other statement pieces to create the perfect fresh wardrobe.
1.  As well as being a stain hazard, white can quite easily enter tacky territory.  It's a fine line, so be careful!
2.  Speaking of stains - tan.  Unless you're a beautiful porcelain English Rose, I'm a big advocate of white being the best accessory for a tan.  Fake tan smears aren't pretty, so leave it a few days after application before you brave the white. 
3. Not bold enough to try white clothes?  Go for accessories instead.  A white bag is the perfect summer arm candy.
4. Not strictly white, but a slogan tee with black writing is a must.

I was already a white fan so this was a really fun (and easy!) post for me to create.  The perfect longline white blazer is firmly on my wishlist, although I'm still on the fence about white shoes.  In photos, perfect.  On the feet....borderline schoolgirl?  Just me?  Also, white jeans on non-modelesque legs...yes or no?  Although at only £14.99 I'm sure I could give those H&M ones a try.


  1. I love the all white trend, but I'd be way too nervous about stains to actually wear it myself.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  2. Been loving the white trend, definitely need to pick up some more pieces xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. I love the idea of white sunglasses!

  4. Love the trend but i'm not brave enough to wear all white for a day!

    TERRIFACE | UK Fashion Blog


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