Making Memories: May


This month's challenge isn't really a challenge as such.  But then again, the point of the Memory Maker wasn't to get us all hot and bothered trying out strenuous activities, it was about making the effort to spend quality time with each other.  And that in itself can be a challenge sometimes.

So this month we have to eat at the Chinese restaurant in town.  It always smells so good and I've been desperate to try it for years now.  The lazy girl in me always thinks of Chinese as takeaway only, so it'll be nice to try a new dining experience.

Thank goodness it's not another physical undertaking!


  1. This is an excellent challenge haha! I love Chinese food xx

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  2. I absolutely love this idea! Such a good way to spend time together, I have enjoyed reading all of the posts on your memories. Thank you for documenting it, it is lovely! Nicola Xx


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