May 2014's Memory: Chinese buffet


After our last few endeavours, this month's challenge was a much more laid-back affair.  Our destination?  That Chinese restaurant in our local town which always smells *so* good around lunchtime when we're returning to the car park.  I'm sure in the back of my mind I must have known, but I'd forgotten it was an all you can eat buffet...the perfect way to finish off a weekend!

Apologies for recycling an instagram shot (@Scaredtoast if you didn't know!); this is what happens when I leave my memory card at home (blogger problems), attack my food before whipping my phone out and generally leave the photography to Zara.  I'll let her off though, a mish-mash of Chinese food isn't the most photogenic or blogworthy!

I'm a bit funny with Chinese; the best dish I ever had was in the food hall at Florida Mall and I've never managed to find an equivalent in England.  Which is why these buffets work perfectly for me - giving me a chance to sample a bit of everything, find out what I like and broaden my horizons.  Zara's the same, and despite mainly sticking to chicken and chips, I'm sure she discovered a few new things that she liked!  Let's just not mention the Thai Green Curry she loaded up on instead of the less spicy Satay she was going for...

All in all, this month's memory wasn't so challenging but it was nice to spend time in each other's company without pushing our boundaries, trying somewhere new to eat and find new culinary likes and dislikes.  I'll admit it though, I'm ready for something a little more exciting next month!


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